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Camélia Blandeau.




Camélia Blandeau is a French freelance 2D artist. 

She has had a passion for drawing and the visual arts since she was a child, influenced by the pop culture of the 90s and 2000s. Graduated of École des Métiers du Cinéma d'Animation (EMCA) in 2020, she has since worked in the fields of comics and illustration.


In 2021, she published the graphic novel Amours Croisés with Laura Nsafou.

In 2022, she won the Young Comic Arts Talent (YCAT) awards, and was part of the traveling comic arts festival in San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Seattle. 

In 2023, she joined la Casa d'Estiu (Art Residency of Sjj Agency) in Oliva, Spain. 

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