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Sylvain Barou.

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Sylvain Barou is a French flutist, renowned for his expertise in Breton and Irish music.

Considered one of the most captivating flute players today, Barou has roots in Breton and Irish musical traditions while expanding his horizons through rich musical encounters in the East.


His personal "silk road" journey began with learning Indian bansuri and Hindustani classical music. His interest in modal music led him to explore Turkey, Armenia, and Iran, where he studied the duduk and zurna (traditional wind instruments). He adeptly adapted these styles and techniques to his primary instrument, the wooden flute, typically associated with Celtic music.


These diverse influences have nurtured a unique and versatile musical language, allowing him to excel in various contexts, including traditional, jazz, electronica/experimental, baroque, and classical music. He has participated in numerous concerts, recordings, and projects.

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