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Anthony Dugenest.




From a young age, Anthony immersed himself in comics such as Tintin, where he enjoyed recreating adventures. As he discovered titles like Strange, X-Men, and the influence of Marvel/DC expanding in France, along with series from Image Comics, he developed a real passion for comics.


In 2002, Anthony landed a two-year contract with US publishers as an inker. His artwork attracted particular interest from various media outlets, leading him to create illustrations for role-playing games, advertising, video games, animation, and more.


He founded Wanga Comics studio in 2006, impressing with its offering of 100% French comic series. Transitioning from writer to artist, inker, and even colorist, Anthony Dugenest collaborates on numerous projects for various French, American, and Canadian studios.

2024 Events with Anthony Dugenest 



French Language:

- Strangers Season 1/2

- Le Patrouilleur Volume 1 & 2

- Wingskies Volume 1 


English Language:

- Soulfire: The Core #1 (cover artist)

- One Hit Wonder Tpb

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