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Karen Adédiran Nganda.

2025 Karen Adediran Nganda - les Icones de Kimia_edited.jpg


Born and raised in Senegal for 18 years, Karen Adédiran Nganda is an Afro-optimist with an unwavering passion for education and Africa. Her journey as a woman of positive change began when she left Senegal in 2012 to pursue higher education in Paris. It was during this transition that she became acutely aware of the persistent stereotypes and clichés surrounding African history and its people. 
As part of a university exchange program with INSEEC, Karen spent several months studying in Chicago, immersing herself in courses on “African American History.” Her thirst for knowledge and commitment to dispelling misconceptions led her to actively participate in the organizing committee of “Voix des Jeunes Diaspora” in Paris in 2019. This inter-university competition, involving students from institutions like Science Po, Dauphine, La Sorbonne, and IESEG, focuses on impactful research solutions.

Karen’s dedication extends beyond academia. She anonymously curates a blog where she meticulously lists her readings on Africa and the trailblazers who shaped its diverse narratives. The unexpected popularity of her blog underscored a widespread hunger for a deeper understanding of African history on a grand scale. 
In 2020, Karen took her mission to the next level by launching the youth collection “Les Icônes de Kimia.” Through this initiative, she aims to make African history accessible and engaging for children. Karen conducts educational and enjoyable workshops not only in France but also across Africa—in Ethiopia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Benin.

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