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Laura Nsafou. Mrs Roots.


Laura Nsafou, born in 1992, is a French author of novels and children’s books. She is also known for her blog “Mrs. Roots”.  


Laura Nsafou defines herself as an Afro-European author. She is both the heir to her father’s immigration history and her own experiences as a Westerner. Laura has a Congolese father and a Martinican mother.


At the age of 16, she published her first novel titled “Callie, Just You and Me”. Initially known under the pseudonym MrsRoots, she wrote about the diversity of African and Afro-descendant literature and Afrofeminism in France on her blog. She is also the author of the children’s book “Like a Million Black Butterflies”, inspired by a quote from Toni Morrison’s novel; and a Young Adult trilogy, Our Burned Days, an afrofuturist quest inspired by west-African mythologies and beliefs. She recently released two graphic novels, "Crossed Loves" and "When the Summer Comes".


Laura Nsafou is an important voice in Afrofeminist literature, continually exploring essential themes through her writing and activism.

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