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Edouard Manceau.

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Edouard Manceau was born in the grove Vendée in 1969, studied at the Fine Arts of Angers, both lives and works in Toulouse.
He likes to make books with words and pictures that tell stories. When his books are ready, when they have everything they need to face life, they leave travel long distances and often arrive in the country of children. They are translated into some twenty countries.
Edouard also often visits schools to talk about the adventure of literature, power of books and the importance of being a reader. Recently, he has traveled to many countries to meet children, in Germany, Spain, Morocco, Japan, Singapore, New Caledonia and the United States.

Since 2022 Edouard has been performing a show that he wrote for kindergarteners, entitled Dans le nid des géants.

If there was a sentence to sum up his way of working it would be that of Pablo Picasso, "It takes a lifetime to learn how to draw like a child".

Tatoulu Award 2017
2017 Gennevilliers Readers' Prize
CLEL BELL award 2016 award, USA
Witch Award 2015, ABF prize
Libbylit Prize 2014, Belgium
Price of the incorruptible 2011 AND 2012


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